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1. Booking

Booking a residence, a booking agreement is concluded with the customer (for up to four weeks). For purchase confirmation, the customer undertakes to make a prepayment in the amount of 3,000 Euro.

3. Notarial Proprietary Contract

Upon transfer of the house to the buyer, a notarial proprietary contract is signed, at the conclusion of which the buyer pays the remainder of the amount and becomes the owner of the house. The buyer also pays for the notary services and legal costs related to the transaction.


  • built-in and other furniture with appliances at customer`s choice;
  • air conditioner installation;
  • fireplace at customer`s choice;
  • interior designer services;
  • cost difference when upgrading from a cheaper to a more expensive interior design option

2. Obligations Contract

A notarial purchase/sale contract is concluded with the buyer, specifying the rights and obligations of both parties as well as the details of the transaction. The main condition of the purchase/sale contract is a prepayment in the amount of 10% of the transaction value made by the buyer.


  • interior design package;
  • Installation and connection to utility networks (i.e., heating, sewerage, water supply as well as the mains);
  • Preparatory works for security alarm installation;
  • Preparatory works for Internet and cable TV connection;
  • Parking places (at least two);;
  • Landscaping;
  • Sales tax.

Sales advisors


Annika Karask

sales advisor

+372 5621 6236

+372 627 2600

Marek Kirjanen

sales advisor

+372 5680 1015

+372 627 2600
ITM Grupp Arendus OÜ

Artur Jõe

sales manager

+372 52 971 96


Make an enquiry:

Kristi Lilium

Partner Relationship Manager

+372 665 7388

Terje Tikenberg-Piirsalu

Partner Development Project Manager

+372 628 3397
+372 51 69068

Annika Karask

sales advisor

+372 5621 6236

Marek Kirjanen

sales advisor

+372 5680 1015

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Kitchen furniture for free!

We offer you free kitchen furniture, including appliances, if you sign the booking agreement before June 1, 2017.

Prepayment only 5%

The notarial purchase/sale contract can be signed with a 5% prepayment until June 1, 2017.

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